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ReTreePC is a City led initiative managed and operated by City Staff. If you would like to speak with someone regarding this initiative, please contact the Panama City Parks & Recreation Department at (850) 691-4607 or (850) 348-3754. Or email at

oaks by the bay park


Nestled in the heart of St Andrews is the Old Sentry Oak. It is estimated to be 250 years old and although it survived Hurricane Michael, it sustained damage that will require at least one of it's lower branches to be cut to ensure the tree remains healthy. (Oaks by the Bay Park)

canopy covered walking


Panama City had four canopy covered walking tracks located within various parks prior to Hurricane Michael. With an estimated 1M trees lost in the City, there is no better time to create the future we want to see, than now. #replant

  (Bay Memorial Walking Track)

four headed pindo palm


Oaks by the Bay Park was home to the worlds only known four-headed Pindo Palm. The palm was estimated to be between 80-100 years old. 

natural beauty


Panama City is surrounded by the natural beauty of St Andrew Bay and it's numerous Bayous. Scenes like this are scattered throughout the City and it's neighborhoods. (Lake Caroline)

abundant wildlife


Prior to Hurricane Michael, it was not uncommon to see squirrels or birds being overly friendly in hopes of receiving an edible handout in one of our many parks. 

(Oaks by the Bay Park)

hidden gems


With an abundant tree canopy, you didn't have to look far to find your own private little place in the shade. (Asbell Park) 

outdoor activities


Our parks and walking tracks offered the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities.  

find your own oasis


Panama City's parks were the perfect place to get away from it all and relax.